The Place of Peace



The Place of Peace was written by request. It took Linn to various cultures in the world all connected by the same words Ma- na -chi- ta -ka – Mi -na (energy of life/I love you/ the place of peace) It became the inspiration to write a song about the discovery of life within our appearant life, and the heart that connects us….that can not be broken.

«The place of peace, can not be conquered, owned or even missused. It is here.
Not a spesific place, but deep within the core of your own self


Though my heart I feel a softness
a endless well of love the ocean
from a force above
your voice is calling
your open hand
I am slowly falling
into the promised land
my heart, your heart
One heart

Immersed in your essence
the grace of your presence
I feel your hand when I can`t see
so I will remember me
And in the sacred love we are making
my heart is breaking
ripped apart as endless space
unfolding endless grace
my heart your heart
One heart

Ma na (chi) ta ka
always free
We where never broken
Your heart always in me

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